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Brno Czech Republic

A place to be

AIR SQUARE responds to the city's need for solutions that alleviate growing issues related to climate change by tackling the lack of green and livable public spaces leading to overexposed heat islands, by providing shading. The object gives purpose to neglected spaces thanks to it's integrated seating, evening illumination, and circular shape that make it a stage for events and public functions, and a place to hang out, or rest.


Sturdy foundation

Made of cnc cut plywood planks with the minimum waste in cut-outs, the foundation is designed as a modular system composed of one vertical leg element and one horizontal arm. Those two components interlock together to build the circular load bearing structure of the ring, which provides stability to the body. The circular shape was chosen because of its intrinsic ability to regulate contrary forces within itself and therefore making it the most self-stabilising of the elementary geometric shapes. The dynamicity of the continuous circle can withstand any load and therefore only needs one contra-force to reinforce it, which is provided through the textile belt cross.


Evening urban lantern

The circular shape allows for a bigger reach of shading compared to a straight wall, making it a sun-protected space. Through the dark hours the inflatable switches function and become a light diffuser, providing illumination to dark areas of the city which often feel unsafe to walk through. This generates a sense of care and belonging to the space, leading to improved security on the location and surroundings.


A mental map for locals

'The air-structure, unexpected and surprising for the passersby, helped us to bring people to one of the long forgotten and unused public spaces in the city centre. Moreover, the architect managed to use material produced by a local company, originally used for hot air-balloons. Bold, innovative and local! This event helped to put the public space on the mental map for locals. It is now being used also by local businesses and institutions – like this winter for an open-air christmas market bar or for various outdoor exhibitions' Martina Pacasová, City Strategies Manager, City of Brno

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