Urban sanctuary

AIR SQUARE is a transportable venue that activates underused urban spaces by bringing them purpose and a vibrant public life. It responds to the need to alleviate climate change issues by tackling overexposed heat islands and lack of green and livable public spaces. The upper ring is designed as a large shading system that mitigates, cools, and delivers refuge from heat. At night it provides illumination to dark and less safe urban corners.

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Catalyst of urban connections, activating underused urban spaces by bringing them purpose and promoting a vibrant public life

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Mitigates urban heat islands and, as an alternative to trees, casts shadows that deliver refuge from heat, while enchanting well-being


Absorbs sounds generated within, and softly distributes daylight through the day to improve the comfort of living in cities


Built for diversity, inclusion, and equality, ensuring barrier-free access. Open day and night, welcomes everyone regardless of their abilities, status, and religion


Suits multiple functions and programs such as performances, farmers markets, or serving as an all-in-one public furniture with seating, lighting, and shading systems integrated

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Resilient to rainy and sunny days, as well as acts of vandalism. It provides a feeling of safety and security


Lights up in the dark providing accessibility to less safe urban corners

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Separate components are packed and ready to go, together with most hardware and assembly instructions to assist the construction process


Sturdy materials and resistant joints are proposed to endure multiple applications, while compact design allows for confined storing space

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How can we create a relevant public space?
It’s about people, design, and thinking about the future

Cutting-edge architecture practice KOGAA together with inflatables producers Kubicek Visionair teamed up to design a new public space that invites in, embraces, surprises, and challenges visitors. The singular synergy between the two companies bring innovative urban solutions on one hand and new technologies and research on the other.

Concentrico Festival

With AIR SQUARE we were able to advance in new lines of work in Concéntrico. We had already recovered other parking spaces, but the dimension and harmony of the intervention is perfect to give spatial qualities and beauty to any location

Javier Peña Ibañez

Spectrum Dance Theatre

The ethereal while space-making character of AIR SQUARE spotlessly completed our dance performance, informed by the climate crisis and its impact on humans and future communities.

Donald Byrd
Artistic Director

City of Brno

The air-structure, unexpected and surprising for the passersby, helped us bring people to one of the long forgotten and unused public spaces in the city centre. Moreover, the architect managed to use material produced by a local company, so 'bold, innovative and local!' This urban space is now on the mental map for locals, being used by businesses and institutions for winter open-air christmas market bars and various outdoor exhibitions

Martina Pacasová
City Strategies Manager

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